100 Metre Drawing

May 2021
(various locations)

“This art piece came from the frantic need of exploring a space where I can freestyle on a large scale. The piece blends a mix of styles and mediums that are used to seek a solution for a creative problem. As spatial forms become clarified through diligent and personal practice, resulting in a dilution of insights. 

As the larger the drawing got the idea to show this outdoors just seemed like the perfect location to exhibit, giving place to an interactive outdoors art performance where I unroll and roll back the drawing for the view of the public, also with the intent of taking art to the people and allow them to perceive how an artist sketckes out ideas till we find and solve a creative problem.”

Kate O’Keefe, artist


Artist Bio

Kate O’Keeffe is a Brighton based mixed media artist, who graduated at the Universidade do Algarve, UALG in Faro, Portugal, with a Bachelor ‘s Degree in Visual Art.

Kate O’Keeffe is an artist whose work investigates concepts of the Cosmos, Nature, organic shapes, trees, roots and places that yet have not been intervened by humans. She explores scales, the things we are familiar with like roots, and what overcomes our knowledge and dimensions like the size of the cosmos. These ethereal concepts then are transported into paintings, sculptures, installations, video and urban art.

 Kate’s work has been shown at galleries and other urban arts venues in Portugal and the UK. Her work is enthusiastically owned by private and corporate collections alike.