Augmented Encounters

27/05 – 30/05
The Level

The project Augmented Encounters seeks to create an alternative visual narrative of a familiar urban public space, The Level park, Brighton.

In this project overlooked sightlines in The Level become inspiration for sculptural interventions and narrative which have been brought together in a zine called “Augmented Encounters: Microdystopia’s @ The Level” available in local businesses surroundings The Level and displayed in the notice boards of the park.

The work aims to create interventions in public space that abstract the viewpoints that usually blend into the background of our consciousness. In this project the peripheries become the focus, provoking a fictional present that runs alongside the places and sights we think we know. 


Artist Bio

Amalia works within the public realm, creating site-specific responses to urban green spaces. She is inspired by the overlooked sightlines of our everyday environments which become sites for her interventions. Amalia’s practice combines printmaking, photography, and sculpture to mimic and misrepresent our perceptions of public space.  She is inspired by the possibilities for parallel existences, which she explores through subtle photographic manipulations.  Amalia’s practice is a playful space for experimentation, challenging notions of the familiar to create uncertain outcomes. 

Amalia graduated from the University of Brighton in 2018 with a First-Class Honours in Print and was nominated for the Richard Seager Bursary award (2018). She is now in her final year of her master’s degree at the Royal College of Art studying Print and will be part of the RCA graduating show online and physically in Cromwell Place, London. Amalia is also currently taking part in international group exhibitions in India and Germany.