13/04 – 17/04
Black Rock

‘Peeping’ is a temporary site-specific installation of a series of small, mirrored objects inserted into the holes left by missing railings along the beachfront at Black Rock. It presents curious bystanders with the opportunity to look through a series of mini views that offer playful distortions of the beach and skyline. 

The project is a nod to the proximity of the naturist beach as well as referencing the slot telescopes on the promenade as well as the end of the pier entertainment. 


Artist Bio

Emerald’s work tends towards site-specific installation as she enjoys the challenge and restrictions this way of working can impose. She explores the uncertain areas, or points of tension, between defined borders and conditions. She’s interested in the changing ideas around ‘work’. How materials feel to the touch is important to her, and she is heartened by the broadening of the ‘do not touch’ experience of the gallery to one that is less formal.

Emerald starts with instinctively constructed objects using materials such as latex, concrete, felt, plaster and string, and develop them to capture fleeting, half-dreamt, half-remembered ideas and physical sensations.

Her background in design, illustration & coding continues to inform her practice with recurrent explorations of line, frame and space.