Woodland Mandalas

17/05, 20/05 & 22/05
Wild Park

‘Woodland Mandalas’ is a two hour workshop creating designs on forest floor, using only found materials such as twigs, leaves, bark and stones. Nothing to bring nothing to take away, no pressure just play.

The project aims to give people the opportunity to reconnect with the natural environment and use random disorder to create beautiful art.


Artist Bio

Blair McCormick is a Brighton based textile artist specializing in the craft of batik who has been developing his skills for 25 years . Blair is a self taught artist, who in-between working and having a family , has kept his passion for textiles by adapting his practice and experimenting with different mediums to keep his ideas fresh and exciting .

A principal theme in Blair s work is creating the balance between the world and influences around him and working intricately into a piece of work to make art that’s pleasing to the eye .His creative process usually starts from a drawing and abstracting words or text within a design, and inspiration comes from the world around him. He then takes his drawings and transfers them onto fabric creating layers of dyes and wax , using a discharging process of removing dyed areas and over dying again until he feels a balance has been reached between chaos and calm.